Moreno FazariLeaving behind friends and family I left Italy chasing the mysterious signs that would lead me to the fulfilment of my being. I arrived in France, more precisely in Marseille in the late 80s (city that gave its name to the Tarot). I lived on ‘’Boulevard de la Liberation’’(Liberation Boulevard). Always driven by my quest, I moved to Paris in the early 90s where I met A. Jodorowsky. At that time he lived on ‘’rue de La Liberation’’ (Liberation Street) in Vincennes.

During our first encounter he offered me a Tarot which I began to study every day. I quickly became one of his students and close disciple and after a few years with him, his assistant.

Twenty years later I still assist him during his free weekly readings that he gives in a Café in Paris. And, since a few years he has asked me to replace him at the Café when he is absent.


All this time spent at his side, as well as a long and deep work on myself and an extensive experience with hundreds of people, have allowed me to gain a wide knowledge of the Art of the Tarot, Psychogenealogy and the symbolic acts (Psychomagic) as well as a deep understanding of the human psychology.

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