For centuries, men have used cards, called Tarot, to try to read, decode and decipher the future. tarot2

There exist many different Tarot; Paul Marteau’s Tarot, Oswald Wirth’s Tarot, Belline’s Tarot…. They each bring their personal touch to it by putting their own way of seeing the world in it.

It is on these cards that have worked Alejandro Jodorowsky and Philippe Camoin, descendant of the family that has been printing the Camoin Tarot de Marseille for centuries, in order to restore the Tarot’s true meaning.

Contrary to what many believe the Tarot is not used to read the future, but has a much more psychological dimension based on different archetypes.






The Tarot seeks to bring to its user a deeper understanding of himself so that he can get closer to what he really is.

But what are we really? Let us not forget that the term psychology, from the Greek word "psyche" means soul.

Our natural tendency is therefore to reconnect to the language of our forgotten soul.

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